Adam & Weed

"A Cannabis Concierge Service"

Adam & Weed is a mobile assistant for cannabis users, providing advice, dispensary price comparison and in app-ordering for customers who are on-the-go.

Our users talk to Adam, our “house cannaisseur” about the experience they are looking for. Adam recommends a specific strain based on their needs.

Core Services offered …


Adam & Weed helps educate novice cannabis users to ensure the best dispensary experience possible. There are various different ways to consume cannabis and they all can impact the patient differently. For example, edibles can take up to 90 minutes to kick in.


Adam & Weed is the house sommelier of the cannabis industry. Talk to Adam, instead of researching every single strain of cannabis on the internet and guessing which product is best for you. Chat with Adam and put his expertise to work!

Adam & Weed helps tie a specific strain of cannabis to an experience. Regardless of the activity, Adam & Weed will help patients understand type of cannabis would be best for each individual activity.

Price Comparison

Cannabis product pricing can vary from dispensary to dispensary. Instead of searching for a specific dispensary online, search for the exact product that you are interested in and where you can get it for the best price.

Dispensary Deals

Adam & Weed offers a loyalty program known as the “Cannaisseur’s Club.” We offer deals to customers through push notifications for dispensaries that are located near you!

Why Is This Important?

Most users don’t really know much about cannabis and are intimidated by dispensaries because of the overwhelming product selection and the ridiculous security protocols. In addition, product pricing varies significantly between dispensaries. We can help our customers find the exact product they are looking for at the most competitive price.